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Picture Blinds – Putting your brand directly in front of potential customers

At Logo Printed Blinds, we aim to provide our customers with more than just a solution for maintaining privacy or keeping the sunshine out of your eyes. Instead, we provide a beautiful, clean canvas to proudly display your brand upon so that passers by can gain an immediate understanding of your services, without ever seeing beyond the glass.

Blog Photo 1-minWe offer blinds which can be printed with a custom photo or image of your choosing which will add a stylish element to your premises. By fitting custom printed roller blinds, you can use your windows as a space to show off your organisation’s brand and advertise your products or services. Images work particularly well as they are more effective in standing out and are more likely to gain attention from passers by.

We use our expertise to help guide you in creating a design for your blinds which complement the interior of your premises. We also provide free personalised samples so you know exactly how the product will look from both the interior and the exterior. Often our clients are concerned about how the blinds will fit especially if the windows are of unusual dimensions. However, our blinds are always made-to-measure meaning that they will work perfectly within any window space.Blog Photo 2-min

So, if you’re thinking about having your office or shop front redecorated or are looking for a way to add develop your brand with style, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our online form or give us a quick call to go over some ideas. We’ll be more than happy to offer you some expert advice and a free quote for your premises to help you decide what’s best for your business.

Image of a digitally printed blind

What type of Blinds should you choose for your office?

There’s a lot of different options to choose from when it comes to selecting the right blinds for your offices. Some are great for allowing natural light in while still providing privacy, others are better for keeping it out to allow for crystal clear presentations. But If you’re looking to enhance your branding with some striking visuals, then we can offer you the best advice on our range of products below.

Blinds come in a wide variety of different styles such as roman, venetian, vertical and roller. It is important that you select the right style of blind to suit both the exterior and interior of your premises. Also, different blinds allow varying control of light level and customisation options.

Roman blinds are made of fabric such as linen or silk and hang in folds. This solution can be stylish in the right environment but provides less control of light than roller blinds.

On the other hand, venetian blinds provide much more control as the slats can be pivoted to different angles, changing the amount of light coming through. The main drawback of these blinds is that they cannot be branded or printed with custom graphics.

As the name suggests, vertical blinds are composed of vertical slats which are controlled in a similar fashion to other types of blinds allowing different levels of light to enter a room. This type of blind requires less maintenance than others as very little dust can build up on the slats but is not the most aesthetically pleasing option.

We specialise in providing our customers with customisable printed roller blinds that give their premises a high-class finish to both the interior and exterior. Roller blinds are suitable for all year round – providing warmth in the winter and protection from the sunlight in the summer. They are also fully customisable including both images and text such as email addresses, phone numbers and websites. As well as being a stylish addition to your premises, our blinds are also fitted with the latest technology to ensure full compliance with health and safety legislation.

If you are considering any number of different blind solutions, or would just like a better idea of pricing, please fill in the form or give us a call for expert advice and a free quote for your premises.

Image of a digitally printed blind

Enhance your business’s brand reach with blinds

blinds with logosWhy use Blinds with Logos?

Many business owners come to us because whilst being based in prime city centre locations, they become very frustrated that because of planning regulations they are not allowed to erect any effective outdoor signage. Our products have been used by many business owners across many different sectors, from offices to shops, nurseries, restaurants, golf clubs and many more.  By using branded blinds they can alert potential passing trade to their presence, enjoy all the benefits they would get from plain blinds, and have their corporate brand visible 24 hours per day.

Free advertising for your business

Sometimes it’s a bit different, we have clients in multiple occupancy business centres who get annoyed when clients struggle to find them due to the number of other businesses in the one location. By using branded blinds they are making themselves visible from the car park or the street. This results in less wasted time on appointments running late or clients getting lost on their way to that vital meeting.

blinds with logosImprove your corporate image

Also quite often we are contacted by business owners who just want to purvey a professional image of their company. They have their logo on business cards, coffee mugs, pens, place mats etc, so by using branded logos they can reinforce their corporate brand to staff, visitors and clients alike.

Free blinds with logos sample service

Perhaps you are not sure how your blinds with logos will look, here at logo printed blinds we have a solution that removes any risk to our clients. Why not take advantage of our free sample service, we will supply completely free of charge a fully functioning sample blind complete with your company logo. By using this service our clients can see the quality of our products and the impact of having blinds with logos in their business.