Image of a digitally printed blind

What type of Blinds should you choose for your office?

There’s a lot of different options to choose from when it comes to selecting the right blinds for your offices. Some are great for allowing natural light in while still providing privacy, others are better for keeping it out to allow for crystal clear presentations. But If you’re looking to enhance your branding with some striking visuals, then we can offer you the best advice on our range of products below.

Blinds come in a wide variety of different styles such as roman, venetian, vertical and roller. It is important that you select the right style of blind to suit both the exterior and interior of your premises. Also, different blinds allow varying control of light level and customisation options.

Roman blinds are made of fabric such as linen or silk and hang in folds. This solution can be stylish in the right environment but provides less control of light than roller blinds.

On the other hand, venetian blinds provide much more control as the slats can be pivoted to different angles, changing the amount of light coming through. The main drawback of these blinds is that they cannot be branded or printed with custom graphics.

As the name suggests, vertical blinds are composed of vertical slats which are controlled in a similar fashion to other types of blinds allowing different levels of light to enter a room. This type of blind requires less maintenance than others as very little dust can build up on the slats but is not the most aesthetically pleasing option.

We specialise in providing our customers with customisable printed roller blinds that give their premises a high-class finish to both the interior and exterior. Roller blinds are suitable for all year round – providing warmth in the winter and protection from the sunlight in the summer. They are also fully customisable including both images and text such as email addresses, phone numbers and websites. As well as being a stylish addition to your premises, our blinds are also fitted with the latest technology to ensure full compliance with health and safety legislation.

If you are considering any number of different blind solutions, or would just like a better idea of pricing, please fill in the form or give us a call for expert advice and a free quote for your premises.